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  • - The server is on sale -
    Since: 15 May. 2024
    Max Level: 150+30 | Max Stats: 200 | Medium Rates | Ek x 1

    The server is on sale

    The server's development was stopped and is now on sale,
    you can contact me at xkazinx@gmail.com for a live server preview
    and more information, this includes:

    Client and Server

    • Single executable with built-in Login server, Database server, Logs server and Game server.

    • Smooth camera movement.

    • Smooth units movement.

    • Smooth effects.

    • Unlimited FPS.

    • MySQL Database.

    • Synchronization of configurations between database, client and server, which allows to edit magics, items, damages, pits, and more variables within the live server.

    • Supports any resolution.

    • OpenGL graphics engine instead of the old DirectDraw.

    • Sprite editor in game with custom .pak extension (.xpk).

    • Projects ported to the latest Visual Studio version.

    • UI improvements, with support for three different types: classic, dark theme and a new OpenGL supported UI, along with a tooltip system for descriptions and hints.

    • 8 characters per account, allowed to log in simultaneously within the same account, using email instead of account name.

    • Ticket system in-game, to communicate with admins without requiring them to be online.

    • Feedback system in-game, to post and vote ideas, suggestions and bugs.

    • Built-in report system, to send automated reports to admins about client issues for developers to fix.

    • Admin panel with many features, such as: Teleporting to maps, managing and editing player configurations, clearing items, clearing units with or without drops, managing portals, map options editor, banning and muting characters and accounts, events manager, item editor in game, npc editor in game, magics editor in game, pits editor in game, creating minerals, managing and editing guilds, disconnecting all players for updates, and more..

    • Rebirth system, and changing stats all at once based on majestics amount, instead of one by one.

    • Inventory resizing.

    • Improved upgrade system, supporting for many requirements in order to upgrade an item, also displaying the success rate based on stones being used.

    • Improved crafting system (including manufacture, crafting and alchemy), which supports for many item (and other) requirements in order to craft an item.

    • Improved quest system, which allows for many NPCs requirements, and scavenger (items) requirements.

    • Guild system, which allows managing guild members, donating to guild, purchasing upgrades and ranks, and a new cooperative quest system.

    • Trade system linked to database, which allows many requirements to obtain an item.

    • Improved party system.

    • Improved chat menu, with a resizable function and a separated private messages menu, along with a mutes menu.

    • Lots of refactoring, allowing for easy modification of the code.

    • Exchange rework, supporting any quantity of items.

    • New audio engine, supporting many audio formats.

    • New mouse input, which allows debugging without bugging the mouse.

    • Scene system to easily modify any Login scenes.

    • Tops system in-game.

    • New system menu, with lots of custom configurations, such as video settings, audio settings, interface settings, changing the game font into a custom one, custom menu transparency, custom UI colors, game settings, notification settings and chat settings, allowing for the player to customize the characters used to send messages in game (such as ~ for city).

    • New warehouse system with pages and tiles instead of lists.

    • Units on minimap for Guild and Party.

    • And many more things....


    • Downloads client files for users to launch the game with the latest files and with the selected configurations (such as resolution, language, and others).

    • Uploader for administrators in order to specify and update the files that the client needs to launch the game automatically.


    • News system linked to database, both for spanish and english languages.

    • Email sender to send notifications to the accounts created in-game.

    • Server status and countdown for launch date.

    • Responsive UI, adapted for any device screen dimension.

    • Downloads statistics.

    • Password recovery.

    • Cash Shop.

    • Drop List.

    The server is not completely finished, but most of the work is done,
    containing the needed features for a server to succeed with the current standards:
    we will also deliver previous versions on demand, which were live with hundreds of players.
    We suggest to have a programmer on-board to continue the development.

    New version in development

    Join our discord channel and facebook for news!
    We are constantly updating a test server with new features and bug fixes for the new engine.

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